Love Is

Words and Music by Collective Music / Ju En Tan
Lead vocals by Ju En Tan

F#M7          AMAJ7/E          DMAJ7

As F#M7high as the AMAJ7/Eheavens above          DMAJ7
How F#M7great, YourAMAJ7/E love          DMAJ7
As F#M7far as East is AMAJ7/Efrom West          DMAJ7
So F#M7far our sins AMAJ7/Efrom us          DMAJ7

RepayingF#M7 our sinsAMAJ7/E with Your DMAJ7kindness
YourF#M7 grace aboundsAMAJ7/E          DMAJ7
NotF#M7 what debts AMAJ7/Edeserve          DMAJ7
YouF#M7 came and theAMAJ7/E reason was DMAJ7love

Love is Apatient and kind
When there’s love there’s no A/C#envy, no D2pride
It’s not Aeasily angered
So selflessly A/C#You have D2shown the way to live
Oh my F#M7heart is content with the Elove of my Savior,
my D2Father, my friend
Oh in F#M7You I abide
Like the Eheart of my Savior, I D2long to have
Faith, Hope, F#M7Love – You have shown and the
Egreatest of A/C#all is D2love
How great – Your Alove

AGreat is Your BM7love
Oh how great is yourF#M7 love
Oh how great is yourD love
Forever we sing

References: Psalm 103:11 & 1 Corinthians 13:4

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