Grace Like an Ocean

Words and Music by Ju En Tan and Andrew Teo
Lead vocals by Ju En Tan
Rap by Fong Shelhiel

DM7          B♭          GM7

DM7Caught up by the B♭wonder GM7of all You’ve done our eyes have seen
Your DM7love sent us a B♭Saviour GM7to save a sinner, one like me

Your blood has won meDM7overB♭
We’re dancing to the GM7beat where freedom’s been redeemed
My sin and shame areDM7 brokenB♭
Jesus, You’re GM7everything, my life in You I lean


Your grace is likeDM7an ocean B♭
I’m sinking GM7deep within Your mercy sea
I’m drowning in an DM7oceanB♭
Your love runs wild, it’s GM7crashing over me


DM7Taken out to freedomB♭
OhGM7 how You saved a wretch like me
Your DM7 love sent us a B♭Saviour
GM7Once was blind but now I see

DM7          B♭          GM7
What is this grace? What is disgrace?
A brand new pace to face this race
You freed me from my transgressions
Destruction to resurrection
You bled for me, redeemed me, forgave me
Born again; my true identity
Your grace overflows all my reserves
Your mercy gives me not what I deserve
Iniquity, anxiety, calamity; gone, gone, gone
The Saviours’ blood now flows in me
You loved me before I loved me
A different life; humility
What can I say
What can I do
So ancient yet so relevant
I’m overwhelmed by Your love; can’t see the end of it; it’s overflowing
Ah! Your grace is like an ocean

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