End of Myself

Words and Music by Collective Music / Ju En Tan, Angelica Wong
Lead vocals by Ju En Tan

AM7          F          C

AM7 The battles I Ffaced, I tried on my Cown
AM7 Those struggles that Fchased me Cborne alone
AM7 Searching for F ways to pick Cmyself again
Only to GSUSfind my story’s in Your Fhands

AM7Deep calls to Fdeep, in You I Clearn to trust
AM7When I am Fweak I know that CYou are God
AM7Fixing my Feyes on what I Ccannot see
Cause although the Gworld may fail
Your word forever Fstands

AM7My mind tries to reason
FMAJ7But Your ways are different
CWhat I can not see only G/Byou can see
AM7My flesh has tried to be strong
FMAJ7But only your word can Gkeep me going on
(You’ve been right here all along)

In You I will Ftrust
AM7Not my ways but Yours be Cdone
I’m Gletting go so take this Fheart
AM7In You my strength revived
I Cknow Your Ggrace will be enough

My Fhope in AM7You
My life, come take Ccontrol
To the Gend of myself I Fcome
In the AM7quiet and stillness I Cknow
I’ll be Gstill, know You are God
F          AM7          C          G

(2nd time no repeat of last line)
I’ll be Gstill, know You are FGod

F          AM7          C          G

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